belongs to the dead

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Balance and Composure // Lost Your Name

The Wonder Years- There, There


from the Retrouvailles E(click that if ya wanna download it for free son!)

i fell asleep to the rain/woke up in a river
flooded my bedroom/there’s a hole where the window was
my body’s a cage/thought i was breaking free
said “i’ll be back in a while/but don’t give yourself to anyone but me”
but i was a fool
so i learned that we belong to the dead/we start on one side of the bed
with messy blankets and beer cans/as the night nears the end
the flicker of the tv/and the half dozen bodies
it’s four in the morning/and i can’t seem to fall asleep
i was just caught up in your hurricanes
the night before it started to rain forever
how you would just run out and dance in the driveway
and come back in through the front door to fuck with my head again

and i start to miss/the window in my bedroom
just the sound of raindrops/or no rain at all
never seen a storm with these eyes/but would that count as living?
should we cheers to my life/or should we be grieving?
i don’t need you to save me/but just stay with me while i save myself

(Source: planet-sweetness)


The Front Bottoms // Carly Hoskin

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